BBQ, music and get to know you… coming up!

Chris, Dany and I wandered around the cafeteria of UWS Bankstown with clip boards two weeks ago, saying “How can we strengthen community on campus, and what would you be willing to do?” We got answers ranging from ‘make a food barrow selling cheaper more healthy food’ to ‘organise volleyball teams’. Obviously we’re students as well, and only have so much time, so these are just beginning ideas that will be taken up by the group if the energy takes us there.

We decided the next step would be a BBQ.

We’re hoping to have a vegetarian BBQ in a few weeks so we can meet all you who showed interest in strengthening our campus community.

As Chris said ‘community comes before other initiatives’ and I agree!

I (Anne) as usual have started thinking about all sorts of other things- we could have a PLANT SWAP to bring out all you green thumbs with surplus seedlings for Spring,

and we could also get some MUSIC from the CCPP Citizens Liberation Orchestra at the BBQ… what do you think?


2 thoughts on “BBQ, music and get to know you… coming up!

  1. Chris says:

    Its a great start Anne and Dany, Sorry I havent been of much assistance, the pinch of uni has been upon me, if you give me warning about meetings I will try and come into uni for them… but this blog looks good, how is the community building going…?

  2. Jen Dollin says:

    Great to see this group up and running. Well done. Next time I should be able to make it out to show support.
    Best Regards

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