Events coming up


Action for Community and Environment (ACE) invites YOU to our ongoing Social Justice Forum Series:

Forum 1: How students can make a difference

5:30 pm 8 March, UWS Bankstown Campus, Room 1.1.117


John McGuire – Student advocate, PhD student

Dany Boulos – ACE member and tutor in environmental studies at UWS

Neha Madhok – National Union of Students – National Environment Officer

We look forward to seeing you there!


Walk and picnic at the Royal National Park, a very beautiful park South of Sydney:

Meet at UWS Bankstown library 10am Saturday March 10. We will take the UWS buses as well as car pool. Contact Jack jackisherwood [at] to reserve a place.

One thought on “Events coming up

  1. Tim says:

    So what’s happening in 2012??? A nicely presented website, however needs an update though. I’ve noticed big changes happening this year, extra yellow parking spaces, noticeable sustainability objects around UWS; innovative water bubblers; effective recycling bins.

    Public transport has improved, the car pooling initiative seems progressing, love the idea though. Compared to other unis UWS is better than the rest!

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